“Lets Twist Again” with Chubby Checker


Just a wonderful song and an extraordinary singer! This song has a nice, warm feeling of nostalgia.

It feels like returning to a familiar place for one last time.

Amazing and great performance! This guy knows how to move! Just look at his twist — super-fast moves! Sometimes it is hard to believe that such a powerful voice could come out of that innocent-looking babyface. GO CHUBBY!

I’m kinda an introvert person, but If this song suddenly started to play on the party, hell yeah I would dance. I would dance so hard, my shoes would catch on fire!

This is one great old song and still popular after all these years. Over 52 million views make it the most views I have ever seen on YouTube. «You’re The First, The Last, My Everything — Barry White & Luciano Pavarotti» with just over 20 million views seems to be the 2nd most viewed. It is nice to know there are that many people out there with good tastes in music.

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